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Help Your Little
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Nurturing Caregivers Guide Your
Baby's Developmental Milestones
Love & Expertise
Help Your Little
One Flourish
Nurturing Caregivers Guide Your Baby's Developmental Milestones

Infants | 4 Weeks - 12 Months | Daycare | Orem, UT

Loving Caregivers Build Bonds With Your Baby

We know what it takes to place your precious baby in someone else’s care. Our caregivers work with you and your infant to build trust and a sense of belonging, so you know they’re in good hands.


Responsive Care For Secure Attachments

Caregivers pay individual attention to your baby and respond to what they need, whether it’s napping, eating, changing, or playing, so they feel safe and supported. Healthy relationships and secure attachments now lead to future success as they grow.

Committed To Emotional Intelligence Right From The Start

Committed To Emotional Intelligence Right From The Start

Committed To Emotional Intelligence Right From The Start

S.E.E.D. Certified® To Foster Your Baby’s Development

A S.E.E.D. Certification® means your baby’s caregivers have the tools and training they need to support healthy social-emotional growth. Plus, you have access to free Seed & Sew resources, including the “Tiny Humans, Big Emotions” parenting course!

Adorable Pictures & News On Your App

Get as much info about your infant’s day as you desire with the handy Procare® app. Updates, pictures, and records are right at your fingertips, and you can instantly message your child’s caregiver with any questions.

Adorable Pictures & News On Your App
State-Of-The Art Security So Your Baby Stays Safe

State-Of-The Art Security So Your Baby Stays Safe

Breathe easy each day knowing your little one is in the care of vigilant, CPR- and First Aid-certified carers. Secure entrances, a fenced yard, and ID checks at the front desk ensure security, and internal-use cameras keep watch all day.

Baby Signing Supports Early Communication

While your baby is still non-verbal, their attentive caregivers teach them simple actions and gestures to express and communicate their needs, which helps to avoid frustration and builds confidence when they are ready to starting using their words.

Baby Signing Supports Early Communication
Fun Activities Are So Much More Than Play

Fun Activities Are So Much More Than Play

Caregivers design activities that boost their physical, cognitive, and social emotional development. Your infant is doing much more than simply playing with cars, they’re building fine motor skills, learning basic engineering and science, sharing, and more.

Sensory Exploration Boosts Early Cognition

Your baby experiences the world through their 5 senses, and as they explore colors, textures, smells, tastes, and sounds, they make important neural connections. Their caregivers craft special sensory activities to give their brains that boost now.

Lots Of Tummy Time For Healthy Growth

Lots Of Tummy Time For Healthy Growth

Caregivers know the importance of tummy time to strengthen little neck muscles. They help your baby work their legs while they’re on their backs, and prop them up to build crucial core muscles so your little one enjoys healthy physical development.

A Modern Cleaning System Safeguards Their Health

Staff members keep your baby’s spaces and surfaces clean throughout the day and on-site professionals use state-of-the-art chemical-free CURIS DUO™ hydrogen peroxide fogger/sprayer to eliminate any nasty germs so your little one stays happy and healthy.

A Sparkling Steam Clean Safeguards Their Health


We offer care from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm to support you.

Yes! Your child enjoys breakfast, lunch, and snacks approved by the CACFP, all included in tuition fees. Our on-site cook uses healthy ingredients in a nut-free environment and caters to allergies and sensitivities.

Teacher-led instruction is important for introducing new activities and ideas, but well-trained teachers know when to step back and allow your child to immerse themself in the activity, to use their natural curiosity to seek and apply solutions. A teacher may step in when children are ready for the next new idea, but when a child can concentrate, explore, and use their imagination, the learning is organic and progressive.

Your child’s teachers are trained to implement a variety of POSITIVE GUIDANCE techniques if behavioral problems occur. Each class varies in its approach to discipline based on the age of the children in the class. However, the overall philosophy remains the same:

  • Children learn more effectively when they feel safe and loved.
  • Guiding children toward desired behaviors helps them to make good decisions and correct their own mistakes in a positive way.
  • Helping children solve problems that lead to misbehavior teaches them a valuable life skill and builds their self-confidence.

Hear What Parents Have To Say...

We have been with the kids connection for 3 years now, we absolutely love it. I know that I am able to leave my child there and have peace knowing he is safe and thriving. They have amazing teachers that love the kids, my little boy has learned so much and is so advanced for his age due to their academics they teach.

Veronica Glaude

My children have gone here for years! They have been awesome to work with! It's always hard to leave your kids with someone else but I would have a hard time trusting anyone else to watch and educate my children when I am unable to during work hours. Everyone here is amazing and you can tell they really care for the children!

Jared Pela

We have been at Kids Connection for about a year and have been very happy with the care our kids have received! The owner and director are well versed and knowledgable in child development and continually training staff on best practices in working with children. The staff sincerely cares for the children.

Sarah Lemonte

My daughter has been going here since she was 5 months old. This is such a nice daycare. They do crafts with the children and play lots of games. My daughter loves going here and seeing all of her friends. The teachers are so nice, my daughter usually gives them hugs when she first arrives because she is happy to see them.

Melissa John

Kids Connection has been a wonderful place for my family! We had to look into different childcare options during the pandemic and found Kids Connection. I am so grateful we did! The administration and staff have always been great to work with!!! My children came home with the best stories of friends and teachers every day.

Brooke Christley

The kid's connection is nothing but amazing!! My daughter has been going there for a couple of years and loves it! It is such a beautiful thing to know that your child is being taken care of by the best of the best! They truly love these kids and it is so awesome to see and feel their love for them. I highly recommend it!

Alex Jespersen

We have been to 4 different daycares with no success. We decided to try these guys out and it has been an amazing experience. They genuinely care about the parents and the kids and do whatever they can to work with you. We love it here and can’t thank you all enough for all you do for me and my kids. I highly recommend it.

Lelia Tucker

This is the most honest and loving daycare you will find in Utah County. I know my kids are loved and cared for by some of the best people I could ever ask for. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Kids Connection to ANYONE and in fact, I have. Five separate friends take their kids there and they love it just as much as I do.

Shannon McQuarrie

Kid's Connection has been the best decision for daycare. Our child has flourished and done so well here. At home, we talk all about about the teachers, activities, and friends and it's been such a relief to know we have loving, attentive, competent care. It's been the best experience for our little family and we are so grateful.

Michelia Whitaker

It's hard to write about this place without getting emotional. All six of my kids have attended Kids Connection. These ladies are the best!!! My kids have always felt so loved at Kids Connection and I have appreciated knowing that they are safe and in good hands. You can't put a price on that kind of peace of mind.

Wendy Simmerman

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